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Understanding your electric bill is one thing. Understanding the one of a kind piece of metal that is cut to custom order, should be a picnic. Sometimes, it just isn’t. The process behind what is ordered and how its made can be lost in translation. If one does not know ‘how’ the product is made, how does one know what is being paid for? Big Bend Fab Works wants everyone to know about our companies process. Understanding our extraordinary plate steel and sheet metal process in Revelstoke, British Columbia and why some things are being attached to your bill.

When getting in contact with us via e-mail or phone, Big Bend Fab Works will be sure to respond as soon as possible. First things first, we need to know what you want and how big you want it! How much information is given to achieve the project is important. Basically, the more information given to us, the easier our job will be. The next process would be to hand the case over to our graphic designers. With there magical brains and our phenomenal computer programs we would then start to bring the project to life. 

Measuring 5 times and cutting once, the plate steel and sheet metal process has begun. We time each step of the project along the way, some metals are thicker than others and will need more time to process. Through the variety of tools and machines used for the project, a handful of them will have disposable pieces. Thorough checks will be made daily and then checked again before the machine will be used. A great example would be our CNC Machine, the nozzle of the CNC machine has 5+ parts in its self. 

Grinding time. With Big Bend Fab Works array of grinding tools we then take the project to the benches. Timing how long it takes, we smooth out all the edges on the project. The reasoning behind this is because when metal is cut with a CNC machine or any metal cutter, ‘slag’ or ‘left overs’ from what was cut out will start to appear on the edges.  

Big Bend Fab Work’s plate steel and sheet metal process does not have to stop there. Abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting is the operation of using compressed air and an abrasive material. Forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface to smooth, shape or remove surface contaminants. At Big Bend Fab Works, we use sandblasting to get rid of any last bits of particles that may still be in the metal cut, rust and to smooth out edges. The abrasive blasting also cleans the metal so when it comes to the next step of painting, it rolls on smooth. 

Powder coating is a dry powder, that is similar to a baking powder (just with a lot more chemicals). Using a spray gun, the powder is sprayed all over the project and then placed into a curing oven. This produces more heat producing long molecular chains, resulting in a high cross-link density. In other words, the paint is not going to come off easily. Big Bend Fab Works is currently working with a powder coating company in Salmon Arm, with full intentions of setting up our own spray coating finishing booth in 2019. 

Make Sure to call or e-mail Big Bend Fab Works to get a quote on your next sheet metal project in the Kootenays or the Shuswap Regions.

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