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Metal PartsMetal is a universal launguage, it has been used by humans through out most of our existence. Building extravagant architecture, giving designers and engineers the infinite ability to invent new and old parts and bring them to life.  Big Bend Fab Works has ample experience using CNC technology and secondary techniques to fabricate custom parts for businesses, engineers, inventors and hobbyists.

Big Bend Fab Works is all about doing, creating, building, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and improving. Opening up our operation in the Shuswap – Columbia Region, we wanted to give the remote public what we once longed for. The capability to make extraordinary parts and unimaginable design. Giving welders, black smiths, machine shops, electricians, milwrights, builders, contractors and the do it yourselfers the ability to invent new and old parts and bring them to life close to home. 

Through our state of the art machines and optimal computers we are capable of consistently cutting one part out as many times as you need, letting you re-order and manufacture to your preference. We have several bending, cutting and drilling techniques that allow us to be diverse with any project. Big Bend Fab works offers sandblasting on the scene, for finishing preparation and for winter 2018 we are working with a reliable powder coater in Salmon Arm. Come spring of 2019 we will have an operational air brushing station right here in our shop, along with up scaling our sandblasting area.

Phone or email Big Bend Fab Works your ideas; we will work with you and get you a quote as soon as possible. Big Bend Fab Works is willing to try most things at least once big or small. Working with reputable material suppliers, we stock our shelves with a wide variety of materials to make your parts as soon as we possibly can, which makes getting parts both economical and easy.

Some examples below in what we are proficient at but are not restrained to: 

  • brackets
  • gussets
  • base plates
  • flanges
  • Artistic sheetmetal
  • equipment attachments

Many metal fabrication projects require multiple steps. Even relatively straightforward products require a variety of techniques. Regardless of the ability of any machine shop, things can go wrong. If your part isn’t to spec, bring it back to us and we will fix or remake it. We look forward to helping you and are ecstatic about giving you the ability invent new and old parts.

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