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We have all had enthralling crushes before. Remember? Visiting with someone and you just see it! That object that just brings a warm fuzzy sensation to your belly. That’s an enthralling crush. Opening up Pinterest or Etsy, going to a hardware or sports store and that creepy smile starts appearing on your face, uncontrollably. Yep, that’s an enthralling crush. We at Big Bend Fab Works want to build things that capture the fascinated attention. Building enthralling gift ideas and metal design that make everyone do a double take as they walk by. 

Making skis look good when they aren’t slayin pow

Paying attention to the minimalist life style, Big Bend Fab Works wanted to bring practical and beauty together. Practical can be a different term for everyone and in our neck of the woods it means snow, especially around this time of year. We wanted to invent the perfect way to hang up gear while paying attention to the small details. What will the space look like when the gear isn’t there? Is it easy to move? How big is it? Can it be bigger? Is it affordable?  Building our newest product around every ski bums practical lifestyle, with the beauty of the minimalist designer. We came up with our new line of BBFW ski hooks. The infinite enthralling gift ideas.

The dimensions of the single BBFW ski hook are: W6” X L6.25” X H6” weighing around 3 pounds. 

The best thing about these ski hooks is that they can be made into ski racks as well. When wanting a ski rack we consider 3 or more skis will be hanging on it. Proper measurements of the area that this will be hung come into play. (We dont want to start a demolishin project) Design or no design on top, jacket, gloves and goggle hooks attached? Let’s get to the drawing board and bring your drying room to the ultimate. 

Let’s build it into your business

This product doesn’t only work for the individual. Revelstoke and surrounding areas have no shortage of lodges, mountain resorts, ski and snowboard shops. Big Bend Fab Works is here to help, we are part of the local family community and built this company in the heart of remote British Columbia for that very reason. Bringing the unique without the shipping costs. 

We hope you enjoy our enthralling gift ideas, there is so much more to come!

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