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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cutting can you do on your CNC?

  • Mild Steel from 18 gauge to 3/4″

  • Stainless Steel 14 gauge to 5/8″

  • Aluminum sorry we do not offer aluminum cutting at this time.  If this is something that may interest you please contact us and let us know.  Hopefully in the near future this will be an option for us.

What are you Bending capabilities?

Our current press brake is 38″ wide, 20 Ton. We have the capabilities to bend full 36″ at 14 gauge mild steel, and 12″ of material at 1/4″ mild steel.

Do you offer welding services?

We may be able to help you out but, Sorry we are not a certified welding shop.  If you need a welder we may be able to help you source one our for your project.

Do you offer Millwright services and repairs?

Yes, we have a Red Seal Journeyman Millwright on our staff.  We may be able to assist you in any millwright services or repairs you may need.

I see you are dabbling into additive manufacturing (3D Printing)

Yes.  We currently run a small printer for doing ABS plastic. It has a 6″ x 8″ x 6″ build volume.  Its great for brackets, hose and conduit fittings, off  shapes, jigs, tools and so many more capabilities.  We are currently exploring the market heavily to bring more types of additive manufacturing equipment to our floor.  If this service is something that would interest you please contact us.  If we can not print you the part here, we know people, who know people, who can get the job done.   Feel free to inquire with us.

Check out our Parent company Syn-Logics Progressive Designs Inc for more details