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Are you a Home owner? Business owner? Blacksmith? With our Custom Sheet Metal Design in Revelstoke, we tailor specific to your project. Using our CNC machine, computer software and helpful staff, we can bring whatever project or designs you need to metal life.

One thing we have noticed at Big Bend Fab Works is that people desire pieces of their own. Sheet metal can be cut and formed into infinite shapes and sizes. With our integrated computer programs, we are capable of making a scribble you drew on a napkin into a digitized form. From there we start the process of bringing the project to life through our state of the art machines. Our staff are trained to help customers with getting the proper measurement for their project. We also have a graphic designer that will take your ideas to the next level and help bring your ideas to reality.

Listed below are some of the products we specialize in but are not restrained too with our custom sheet metal design in Revelstoke

Fire Places – Wanting to make your back yard bonfire something to talk about? Whether you want a fire place our graphic designers made or something special to you, this is something we can do.

Staircase Railings – The wood panels and skinny metal rods were cool 30 years ago and now it needs to go.

Parts & Brackets – Some pieces are just meant to be different.

Wall Art – That empty canvas on your wall could use some iron. If it’s a sign for your business, a piece at home or office let’s make it happen. We are also looking into integrating lightening.

Fence Panels –  Let’s make that privacy wall of yours awesome, we can make it into anything you desire.. with a piece of sheet metal of course.

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